FM Green is one company of many under the Future Moguls parent company. Future Moguls has been building its reach within the entertainment industry for 5 years and has had much success and received many accolades in its process.


FM Green specializes in marketing strategies for Cannabis, CBD, and Herbal products.


Our Process

With the current state of the cannabis and CBD market we know it’s important to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have setup a three step phase in order to onboard in an effective and timely manor.



In this phase we will sit down with the company to go over their overall vision for their brand. There will be a series of questions we will go through in order to pinpoint the strongest and most effective markets to strike first.



Due to the ever changing regulatory landscape and the fierce competition of the cannabis market, having an agile approach is key. During this phase we develop a flexible roadmap of our execution strategy.



Once we begin execution of the newly implemented strategy, the client will receive data to show the growth through all stages. We will, in turn, use these progress reports to continuously leverage your growth.